… it is raining popsicles!

When the weather is nice and warm, there is a lot of ice-cream eating going on.

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Copyright: o-k-e-r.nl

Copyright: o-k-e-r.nl


DIY - KIT: make your own sticker dot garland

I blogged about this DIY almost a year ago, and it was pinned for many many times. So fun to watch this DIY go viral. I saw several very fun and beautiful spin offs ;-).

One year later I made a little DIY kit, so you do not have to browse the Internet for the right materials. The kit contains 2,5 meters of "neon-pink/white" twine and 50 neon-pink sticker dots. Just stick the dots to the twine, repeat and ready is your sticker dot garland. Instant happiness to give or to hold. Now available as a DIY kit "Make your own neon-pink sticker dot garland" on Etsy!


favorite things ...

Two weeks ago the children baked cookies. There was this fun big cookie, and it looked like Africa.

I have a big love for maps, and the cookie stayed on my mind. So this afternoon, I combined three of my favorite things "cartography", "motion graphics" and "cookies" into one animated GIF.

Really, so much fun to make!


When the sky is grey ...

… it is time to add a little colour.

It is always fun to fold origami crane birds, 
this printable paper by Mr. Printable,
brings instant happiness.

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